Friday, January 20, 2006

Medical check up day

Today was a very busy day and went quickly. We began with visa photos and then directly to the medical clinic approved by the U.S. consulate. Indigo did very well, the doctor was very fond of her and said she is a "good baby". She got fussy when then wanted to poke at her but was fine when we finished. She weighs 21.2 pounds and is about 29 inches long. After the check up we decided to stay on Shaiman Island and do some shopping and have lunch. Indigo was quite the trooper while we were shopping and haggling - our friend Bob is an excellent haggler so we like shopping with him. Erik got to sit in the front seat for the taxi ride back to our hotel - he said he needed to be in a Zen state to handle the ride - the driving here is crazy. We got Indigo a hat that is sort of a pirate style - she fits right in with the Whitemarsh pirates. Jordon, one of the shop owners writes all the girls names out and tells you what they mean to him in Chinese, Indigo means strong, excellent and cool, (3 syllables, 3 characters) Quinn means style. Tonight we have a group pizza party with our agency director. It began raining on our taxi ride back so I'm glad that we don't have to leave the hotel tonight. We will write more tomorrow.


At 6:32 PM, Blogger mindi said...

Love that hat! It is adorable. I think I need one for Abby :-)


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