Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday adventures

Today was an excellent day! We got a good start and enjoyed a sunny ride to Preschool. Quinn decided that she did want to go to Humma's after school, so I called Lisa when I got home. Jamie is at home with the flu, so Lisa didn't want to take Quinn to her house. So they had a little outing with ice cream! Quinn was one happy little girl when we met them.

We did transfer the carseat and when we got home we listened to your message. We didn't get home until abouth 5:40 our time. Quinn ate a big dinner and played a bit. She watched Hi-5 and asked to see it again, so we negotiated and she got ready for bed and then watched Hi-5 in place of a story tonight. She was very ready for bed and turned off the TV and went immediately to the end of her bed and was ready to snuggle under the covers.

We did pick up the carseat from Lisa. The shower ceiling is nearly finished. The little chest is painted. The highchair is upstairs and scrubbed, as are all the removable trays. The rocker is getting some attention. WE will review the list again tonight and get clear the things that need to be completed.


At 12:45 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Dear Quinn & Indigo -

Sounds like your grandparents ROCK!! (fixing up the house and preparing for Indigo's arrival) You are blessed to be in such an awesome and loving family because I know for sure your parents rock too!




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