Saturday, January 21, 2006

Indigo's 1st birthday January 21, 2006

Today was another busy day. First and foremost today is Indigo's birthday!! She had a very good time and is looking forward to her birthday party at home with her Jie Jie (big sister). Erik had to do more paperwork this morning, so Indigo and I and Mark and Elise went to explore the big park across the street. When I say "the street", it is a major intersection -- we ran across fearing for our lives with our babies in our strollers and once we were safely across we read a sign stating "Pedestrians please use the underpass to cross the street". OOPS! Well we made it all in one piece, the park was lovely and we returned using the correct route - very easy and not nearly as terrifying. On our return to the hotel everyone was in the director's suite for final interviews and paperwork check -- and a birthday party for Indigo! Our China Team really is the best and they never miss anyone's birthday. We still remember the cake Erik had on our trip with Quinn. Definitely a birthday to remember. This afternoon we did more shopping with friends Mark, Lisa and Elise. We ended up wearing ourselves out and ended up choosing Mcdonald's for dinner in the room. I never thought I'd be so thankful for Mcdonald's - especially since we rarely eat Mcdonald's in the states but we were ready for it in China.

Quinn, we hope your weekend flys by - ours is already half over. We love you sooooooo much! We love seeing the pictures and hearing about all that you are doing. Try and keep grandma and Pa-Pa busy, we will be home soon. Counting down the days and sending you hugs, and kisses.


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January birthdays rule!


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